Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Funny Viral Sports Video

You will never believe these videos !

Here are some viral gold sports memes too....

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Sunday, 22 May 2016

Reaching Out to Your Heart: Viral Movements that Moves.

Contents that resonate with readers' heart, mind and soul are often powerful stuff that will leave them with deep emotional arousals that most definitely result in likes and shares!

Here are some moving viral campaigns. 

1) Indian emotional Ad

2) Emotional Commercial (Malaysia)

3) Asking Food from the Homeless (Social Experiment)

4) Indian Samosa Seller
5) Loving Eyes - Toyota Safety Sense (Japan)
6) Sisters (Thai Commercial)

Wednesday, 18 May 2016


Viral videos spread like wildfire. Here are some marketing videos that you probably might have missed. They touch on viral gold contents like emotions, health, hygiene and surprise that struck a cord among viewers.

Monday, 16 May 2016


Let's go Viral! But before we try to do that, we should all remind ourselves how hard it is to grow a business. We often come across business blog or quotes from financial "gurus" that tell us to put in that extra effort. There's no such thing as a free lunch, right? 

Well, although this might be true, you got to channel that extra energy in the right direction, not blindly following the "usual" pointers (from popular sites) that out-rank genuine stuff at the top of your search! Yes, those guys at the top, yeah they got there, but sometimes its from the age of their posts or they had some pointers that really worked ... like 3 years ago. 

That's why I've decided to go on an exploration to study high-ranked viral content posts on the top of the viral search and to test out what is the real deal and what are those contents that are not so effective. 

While I'm at it, I figured that why not share it with you guys as it might be darn useful as it saves up tons of time to help you channel that extra energy in other efforts to grow your business!


Most posts would describe viral as being dependant on a large number of humans having a similar emotional reaction to your content. While this might describe the actual feat of going viral, we must first know what captures the human attention in the first place.

Attention only comes when something in your content triggers interest, followed by emotional responses/reactions. This is easier said than done. 

1) Generally, interest and emotional trigger is what any viral content must have so yeah, these 2 is an absolute must!

Interest can be triggered by things that relates to love, life, health, companionship and entertainment. Think "what is in it for me to see this or read this?".

Emotions are triggered by both positive and negative contents. Common positive contents:  surprise, new (something exciting, something unheard of before), awe, reward, shock and compassion.  Common negative contents: Sex and violence of course.

A key study by Jonah Berger and Katherine L. Milkman of the Wharton Business School in “Social Transmission, Emotion, and the Virality of Online Content” 2010, reaped the following crucial findings: 

A) People commonly share contents when they hope to raise their social position, generate amusement among friends, generate reciprocity (i.e. to get something tangible or not in return) or simply to help others.
B) People love to share useful contents that help too. (e.g. cooking videos, DIY stuff and so on)
C) The key to being viral is the level of excitement of the viewer/reader – the more highly aroused they are (positively or negatively), the more proactive in sharing content; even content that is unrelated to the cause of their mood.
D) Positive content is generally more receptive than negative ones. If you absolutely must, Negative content that causes anger and anxiety is shared more.
E) Positive content that inspires surprise, amusement and awe is shared more.
F) Content that inspires low emotional arousal (sadness) is less viral.

2) Video, picture or article posts? Which generates more human emotional response?

My personal opinion is that a picture or meme is very effective as it evokes an instant response and it takes far less amount of time to create.

I see videos as multiple pictures (or frames) put together, so yeah, it works even better if you got the right mix of emotional and interest triggers! Just don't make it too long and draggy.  

Articles can get there sometimes but most people lose interest after 7 seconds while they are on your page. 


Viral memes/videos (typing "best viral memes" and "best viral videos" on Google) are plenty and constantly being produced but what makes a meme or video enter the viral hall of fame.

Lets take a look at a recent few and why its so darn successful:


This internet sensation of a campaign has caused a huge buzz and its very effective.

1) The key to its virality is that it relates to everyone, hence the interest trigger checked. 
2)  The appeal of BILL stems from its ability to allow friends to passively judge each others living habits or life choice, and having a laugh about it though its simplistic stick man and satirical format.  Notice the key here is relationship as only friends or related people would really care that much and reading weird life choices related to them seems like a load of fun!

This viral campaign shows that trust and relationship dynamics that comes along from friends strike an usually strong arousal among viewers.


Who can forget the infectious tune and dance of Psy in Gangnam style. An absolute internet worldwide sensation.

1) This hit has churned out millions of viewers and tons of spin-offs. The most watched video on you-tube!

2) Its appeal stems from its infectious tune and of course the "unorthodox" dance move of Psy, looking pretty much like riding a horse, if I might add. People dance to it, sing to it and most viewers parody the moves as it creates great fun and amusement! 

This video exemplifies any video that is done to generate great fun and amusement among viewers. It has high entertainment value and its moves and content are both original and refreshing.


 1) The fascination with chemical explosions doesn't come anymore fun than the series of videos featuring diet coke and Mentos!

2) The success of this video actual comes from the familiarity with its 2 main ingredients. The 2 items are easily the most common drink and sweet that we all consume daily. The very fact that we encounter it daily leaves people in awe and shock that such reactions can actually take place.

Take a look at some of these amazing videos here. Amazing Coke and mentos videos.

The contents involved are easily associated with our daily lives and the shock value and surprise factor of the contents (chemical reaction) also leave a lasting emotional response in all of us.


 1) This facebook page showcases interesting things in an around the web like a live addition of your daily activity!

2) The success of its contents boils down to its simplicity of contents. Most of which are easily identifiable and fun to watch.

Take a visit to its page and like it if you can.
 Visit Liveadd.

The viral factors from the website is simplicity and its easy contents help create fun and amusement for all.


1) This amazing picture of Kermit the frog strikes a cord with everybody. Most of us grew up watching Kermit and his cool and laid back stance while sipping tea simply nails it when it comes to passing judgement on other people's silly life choices. A brilliant satirical look at our daily lives and poke fun when its due.

2) Its satirical notion relates to everybody quickly and brings about much amusement and evokes a strong emotional reaction among viewers so much that sharing it is almost inevitable.

A brilliant satirical piece aimed at poking fun at other's silly life choices. It easily allow friends and relatives to relate and evoke emotional reactions, not to mention amusement and entertainment. Such potent combination is viral gold.


Studying the 5 viral contents above, let's see what we got from all this:

1) Trust and relationship dynamics that comes along from friends and relatives strike an usually strong arousal among viewers.

2) Generating great fun and amusement among viewers also often causes virality. High entertainment value and infectious movements allow content to be shared more readily.

3) Easy association with our daily lives (things, products or people) and the shock value and surprise factor associated with them also leave a lasting emotional response.

4) Simplicity and easy contents help create fun and amusement that do more to arouse than agitate.

5) Satirical pieces aimed at poking fun is often viral gold, especially if it concerns silly life choices.


Now, there you have it, my simple 2 cents study on viral gold. Hope it helps you save time and write better content. Like my blog if you must. Thanks.

Sunday, 8 May 2016


Low on cash and don’t know much about marketing? Don't Fret, Maybe I can help. This situation pretty much described me a few years back. Starting out in my first few ventures on a tight budget, I knew nuts about marketing and my branding suffered, my products didn't gain significant traction and eventually winded.  Moving on, pushing my first Startup, I took special interest in Accounts Management, Digital Marketing and Social Media. Through many nights of hard work experimenting the most effective marketing formula, this marketing to-do-list that I personally formulated guided me to millions of page views which eventually converted to useful leads for my start-up and in turn progressed into valuable transactions! That was when I knew I had to share this list.
I won’t claim this to be the best guide to marketing but it did help me out when I first started on a shoestring. 
1.  Focus on Customer experience
2.  Email campaign
3.  Use Twitter 
4.  Quality content creation
5.  Cross promotions
6.  Let buyers and repeated customer promote you
7.  Traditional Media still works
8.  Research your own Market
9.  You are the Public Relation Manager

1 Focus on Customer Experience
Building vitality in your business model means you focus on customers, by that, it's coming down to building an excellent service/product people want to use and will talk to their family and friends about. Staying in close contact to your main customer base, listen to feed backs, learn from what they like and don't and kept iterating on your product/services with the purpose to improve on customer's experience. At the end of the day, your customer will be saying things like "their products are great" and "they always listen and push those new features in their next product version" 

2 Email campaign 
Remember the time you read an email subject and realized the content is nothing you want to see? Yeah, that's what we don't want to be. It could be a time to inform new features of your product, spread the words about your company, freebies to give or simply an email to tell the customers that they are still fondly remembered, email campaigns are a great way to go. Besides having that personal touch, emails has a number of services (free and paid) for you to track - sent to spam, monitor bounce, clicks per page so that you can check which options works for your company. 

3. Use Twitter (think of it like a quick SMS to Clients)
When I first started using Twitter, I am totally clueless and after a few rounds of experiments, I started thinking - hey, let's use it like a quick SMS system to communicate with Clients. In several small businesses I worked with, many participated in campaigns using Twitter, asking users quizzes of their products for the chance to win prizes - it's a quick and easy way to stay engage with your customers. In my personal experience, I found weekly updates of product features and beta-tester opportunities works really well for us.

4. Quality Content Creation
We all love dragon slaying stories and building your brand is no different. What really work is to push out quality content than quantity. Sure, that certain blogger is always giving mention of products on a daily basis but does your existing customer care about daily updates or only significant updates of key features? Have a look at IBM and Google on the content they created on LinkedIn and Facebook, they position their brands as subject-matter expert on certain topics (usually once weekly) to build that client trust than any actual selling. This creates a community of like-minded individual commenting and adding creditability to these topics - promoting your brand and your organization knowledge. 

5.Cross promotion
Look at your target user closely and the communities they might be in - forums, Linkedin groups, Facebook pages etc. Next, think about how you can introduce some parts of your product features in these communities. For example, if you are targeting alternative word processor users - perhaps you can promote it in IT hardware tech support forum. Write to these communities and sites directly offering to promote them on your site and in return, ask for them to give you areas of mention or even for you to provide some content for them. It's a win-win situation as you provide content for their audiences and they promote you at no extra costs. 

6. Let buyers and repeated customers promote you
Promote your product/services to popular buyers such as bloggers and celebrities (if you get connected to any) or just genuine buyers with a hobby blog. Do make sure the buzz you are trying to create is authentic and invite these customers to limited preview of your product/services and they will generate interest for you. In my early ventures, I met someone who wrote to local bloggers and celebrities every day using just her website. She eventually met someone whom featured her products on YouTube, leading it to a local media programme and later, onto a magazine column.   
7. Traditional media still works  
Behind brilliant marketing concepts lies a great business story, and a great story attracts media exposure and coverage. Believe it or not, traditional media still works. Now the question is, how should you tap on it? Be sharp in your focus and create something personal, authentic and newsworthy on your products. Promote your company via traditional media source such as newspaper. You can't guarantee conversation to sales but your brand will certainly gain awareness

8. Research your own market 
Knowing your competitions, their clientele and their brand story will help ensure your business is differentiated from them. On top of that, if competition is intense between you and a certain brand, knowing their trends and marketing strategy will help signficantly. There are specialized tools (mostly paid) that you can use to analyze and track your competitions so that you may understand your own market sector better. 

9. You are the Public Relations Manager 

In my first few ventures, I wore many hats - financial, marketing, sales and even PR. I learnt from experience that many media sources (traditional and digital) are more willing to grant you a story as an official PR representative than cofounder. Media sources doesn't want to hear how the inventor of the new Phone is using state of the art technology only available to NASA, but how this "paper thin" phone is so light you will forget it is even there - they want to hear a story they can relate to. Just remember to wear the right hat when talking to Media sources. 

Persevere. You will get there!